Launch date
Market cap
Net debt
Enterprise valuation
€4—6m ( estimates Dec 2021.)
Company register number HRB 168195 (Hamburg)
Hamburg Germany (HQ)



Revenues, earnings & profits over time
% growth-29 %
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Total Funding€1.0m

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Edit is a startup that provides an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Guided Selling Software for B2B companies. It operates in the sales technology market, serving a diverse range of clients including small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), manufacturing companies, real estate firms, IT and consulting businesses. The software uses machine learning to improve sales efficiency by predicting the likelihood of closing a deal, recommending the next best activity, and assessing the current risk of a deal. This allows sales teams to better prioritize their customers and tasks, reducing time wasted on unproductive activities.'s business model is based on providing a software solution that helps sales teams increase their win-rates and revenue by up to 30%. The software acts as a cockpit for frontline sellers, centralizing and simplifying all data for operational sales. By reducing the complexity of sales workflows, helps sales teams avoid spending time on deals that are unlikely to close and focus on those with a higher probability of success.

The company generates revenue by selling its AI Guided Selling Software to businesses. The software is particularly useful for B2B and SaaS sales teams that need to become more data-driven and agile in a highly dynamic environment.

Keywords: AI Guided Selling Software, B2B Sales, Machine Learning, Sales Efficiency, Data Centralization, Sales Forecasting, Risk Assessment, Operational Sales, SaaS Sales, Sales Technology.

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